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Monday, 3 February 2014

BY GEORGE!! George III's holiday snaps Pt.1

We've all heard of George III's summer hols in Weymouth, though anything original and juicy concerning the event seems thin on the ground. 
...Until now! 
Throwing morals to the wind and employing an open cheque book I've assembled a whole pile of tasty royal tit bits which I shall dole out here and there throughout the year.
Firstly, just imagine our present Queen taking leave of her senses and deciding to holiday at Weymouth instead of Sandringham. 
The military would occupy the high ground, the navy would sweep the bay, government flunkeys would set up shop next to the donkeys and every sponger and socialite would hot foot it down to the Esplanade. 
As it is now so it was then,.. It wasn't just a case of packing bucket spade and crown it was a VERY BIG DEAL...newspaper reports, to be expected, appeared regularly, though usually confined to one or two lines rather than as multiple-page exposes. 

First came the preparations:

Then the ten hour's stuck in traffic: 

Next that trip to the beach:
Closely followed by a dollop of good old Dorsetshire opportunism:

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